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Rain, rain, go away . . .

It has been raining forever and our back yard is flooding.  The sump pump has been cycling on and off all day but it still looks like this in the back yard. 


I’m afraid to look in the crawl space under the house.  The 10 day forcast has it raining until next Monday. bleck!  I usually don’t mind the rain but this isn’t the usual Seattle drizzle, this is real, blattering, down pour, get drenched walking to the mailbox, rain. 


Joey is enjoying it tho!


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good day

I went to Borders yesterday, to sit in the coffee shop and knit.  It was nice to sit and knit and sip coffee and not hear “mom, mommy, mama, MOMMY!” every five minutes.  I was able to finish one of Daughter’s felted slipper and will be starting Son’s soon.  I am making a pair for Daughter and a pair for Son from the Fiber Trends pattern and will felt them at the same time so that there will be no “You like him/her better” stuff going on.  I think Hubby wants me to make a pair for him, but let me finish the ones fro the kids first, the man wears size 11s for heck’s sake.


While I was at Border’s I picked up a couple of cute things, a gift bag that I think will be perfect for carrying small projects, and a birthday/anniversary reminder book. 


I felt the need to do a little shopping so I headed to the mall and finally found some new drinking glasses.  I was really craving some grown-up drinking glasses instead of the clear plastic(acrylic?) ones we have had for a while so the kids couldn’t destroy them.

After getting home from the mall Hubby showered then we all headed out to the discount movie theatre to see Chicken Little.  On the way to the car I picked up the mail and the new Ottobre was there, woohoo! Kids loved the movie, I think it could have been better. 

On the way home Hubby stopped so I could run into Village Yarn & Tea to pick up a pattern booklet.  I ended up comming home with the pattern booklet, Dalegarn 142, and, from the tea side of the store, a small tea pot. I think I need to make a tea cozy for it.


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what not to wear

Over at I’m Knitting as Fast as I Can, on Friday, she posted about the bright, ugly, interesting baby sweater she was knitting . . . here is proof that kids will wear just about anything.

This morning my daughter put on a pale-ish green cotton velour dress, that’s fine, with plaid bloomers in primary colors on a white background, “hmmm . . . you sure you want to wear that today, honey?” “yes, mama” . . . bright green socks with equally bright flowers, her purple and white coat and a bright pink knitted hat, with fun fur.

Holey moley, they’re gonna send CPS after me for letting her out of the house like this.

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the definition of irony

I don’t know whether to cry of throw up. 

We have been having trouble with our family computer so I went out and bought an external DVD/CD recorder to back up our family photos and such.  I installed it, but not without some problems.  

I went to burn some knitting pod casts so I could listen to them other than while sitting at the computer, they were gone. I re-downloaded them last night.  This morning I went to backup some things and discovered large portions of “My Documents” were gone, all the knitting patterns I had downloaded weren’t there, but I can get them online again.  The patterns I had bought and downloaded, gone too, can’t get them again. Worst of all, all my photos are gone . . . nothing . . . no photos . . . no pics of our trip to the beach last summer, but mom has pics she took; no birthday pics; no pics of pets we lost this last year; no pics of the kids just being kids; all gone. 

The only photos I have left are on my blogs, thank G-d for those.

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domestic day

Yesterday ended up being quite a domestic day for me.  I as looking thru the new Everyday Food and decided I needed to poach up some chicken breasts.  I know a strange thing to need to do, but I cooked up a bunch of chicken breasts, chopped or shredded and put them away so I can have cooked chicken ready to go for use in recipes. 

While the chicken was poaching I decided to make soup for lunch . . . yummy I love homemade soup.  So the kids and I had home made soup and homemade bread for lunch.

Oh, yeah, I made Swope Bread Wednesday night, from a recipe on the Bob’s Red Mill Whole Wheat flour bag, not to bad for a quick bread, not as light as a yeasted bread, but so much easier.

As I was getting ready to make dinner I was looking in the ‘frig and saw a tube of Grands-style biscuits that needed to be used so I made turnovers with the chopped chicken I had cooked up earlier, frozen veggies and some leftover cheese sauce from the night before.

Now, don’t go thinking this happens every day at my house . . . ha, not even close, but I have been on a bit of a domestic run lately.

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No, really, I am. Case in point:

About a year ago our DVD player gave out (ok, the kid killed it) and Hubby bought a new (cheap) DVD player.  One really cool thing about this inexpensive DVD player is that it could play zone 2 (european) DVDs.  This meant I could order trinny & susannah: the rules from Amazon UK . . . woohoo.  I bought it, I watched it, the DVD player died and we had to return it, they were sold out so we couldn’t just exchange it.  waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, no more Trinny & Susannah.

Today I was cleaning off the computer desk and found the DVD, and it dawned on me as I looked at my computer screen, ‘hey, maybe I can play this on my computer’s DVD player.”

IT WORKS, I CAN PLAY THIS DVD ON THE COMPUTER . . . YAHOOOOOOOOO! I AM BRILLIANT! Ok, I loose points for not figuring it out last year.

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b’day girl


Today is Daughter’s birthday.  Hubby took a vacation day and after the bus dropped her off from Kindergarten we went to her favorite restaurant, the Spaghetti Factory, with Grammy and Grampy. 
hannahbday3.jpg   hannahbday5.jpg
Grammy and Grampy got her winter boots (to go with the winter coat they got her for Hanukkah) and Son received a pair too.

hannahbday2.jpg     hannahbday4.jpg

I got her a watch and Hubby got her a necklace that says ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’.


We didn’t take all the gifts to the restaurant so she opened the rest when we got home.  I think the biggest hit was a table top soccer game from Grandma. We also got her a bunch of dress-up things, mostly wigs and animal noses, in the soccer pic she is wearing the cat ears and tail.

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